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In December, Lily began to recording the soundtrack to 'The Human's In The Telling' at Lana Banana Studios.

To read about The Human's In The Telling, and the countdown to 2020, visit www.thehumansinthetelling.org. 

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January 2019


In January, Lily continued her work on film, The Human's In The Telling, planning towards the countdown to 2020. November 2020 commemorates 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg War Crime Trials and 70th anniversary of the signing of the European Convention on Human Rights. To see our plans for 2020, visit    



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February 2019


In February, Lily began filming The Human's In The Telling. She visited


- Dornoch, where David Maxwell Fyfe holidayed as a child and where his mother's family were cleared

- Edinburgh, where he grew up till he was 18

- Liverpool, where he practised as a lawyer and served as MP

- Oxford, where he studied at Balliol College


To see more about the film and

behind-the-scenes images, visit



Filming 4 Filming 3 Filming 2 Day 4 - Liverpool

March 2019


In March, Lily launched her new project for 2019 - I Heart Musicals - which celebrates the musicals that made her who she is. Find out more by visiting her front page!  


She also continued filming The Human's In The Telling and visited...


- Westminster, where David Maxwell Fyfe was an MP and lived

- Withyham, where he retired and died and is remembered on a plaque in the village church

- Nuremberg, where the War Crimes Trials took place

- Zirndorf, where he lived through the duration of the Trials


To discover more about the film, visit



I HEART MUSICALS image - more red heart WED TUE

April 2019



In April, Lily recorded the harmony for the soundtrack for Dreams of Peace & Freedom : The Human's In The Telling.


You can hear a sample of the tracks by clicking here to be among the first to listen to the rough mixes!


To discover more about the film, visit



SAT Recording for Instagram

May 2019




In May, Lily was part of the recording of the podcast of The Human's in the Telling at Lana Banana Studios. She played her great granny, Sylvia Maxwell Fyfe, to tell the story of David Maxewell Fyfe's journey from Nuremberg to Strasbourg.


To hear it in two acts or nine parts, click on these links or visit www.thehumansinthetelling.org.



Podcast 4 L

June 2019


Members of his family tell the story of David Maxwell Fyfe's journey from Nuremberg to Strasbourg.


In June, The Human's in the Telling : The Podcast  was made available via socia media. You can hear opposite or visit





Lily also joined The Human's in the Telling & English Cabaret in flying the flag for Human Rights as part of #FlytheFlag70. Inspired by artist Ai Wei Wei, they created their own flag 'signatree' celebrating the 47 signitories of the ECHR.  


EC Human Rights Flag Freedom of Expression

July 2019


  In July, Lily joined English Cabaret to organise commemorative performances of Dreams of Peace & Freedom in 2020 - the twin anniversaries of the signing of the ECHR (70) and opening of the Nuremberg Trials (75). As well as meetings in many of the 7 places integral to David Maxwell Fyfe's story, she returned to Churchill Archives, where in 2010, she was part of Tom Blackmore's film 'Under an English Heaven' listening to the words of her great-grandparents which she now performs herself.


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August 2019



The Human's in the Telling

Letters, Transcripts, Blogs and Tweets



Cuttings from David Maxwell Fyfe's Journey from Nuremberg to Strasbourg between 1945 & 1950 /  And our journey to uncover it

between 2009 & 2019





In August, Lily worked with English Cabaret on 'The Human's in the Telling' book which delves deeper into David Maxwell Fyfe's journey from Nuremberg to Strasbourg. You can see a sample page from October opposite and find out more about the book by clicking here.

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September 2019




Throughout 2019, Lily has uploaded snippets of covers of songs to celebrate openings of shows, seasons and holidays. You can see the whole collection so far here on her website or click the image opposite!



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